IFR staff collaborate with a network of affiliates from industry, government and academic groups to provide solutions to fisheries issues through the use of cutting-edge methods and technologies.

Aquantic manufacture electronic fish counters based on the ‘resistivity’ principle, and
have provided over 100 systems in use throughout Europe and Canada. IFR are the sole North American distributor of Aquantic technology.


 is a full service consulting and contract research company that specializes in applied limnology. Limnotek was incorporated in 1984 and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Limnotek partners regularly with IFR on a wide variety of projects throughout BC.


 is an ecological consulting firm specializing in the application of systems analysis to resource management problems. Ecometric offers expertise in a range of quantitative methods to address problems in ecosystem analysis and resource management.


The BCIT Rivers Institute is focused on the protection and restoration of rivers, streams, estuaries, lakes and wetlands in British Columbia. The Institute provides guidance and expertise for community based restoration initiatives, conducting applied research, and mentoring the next generation of ecological restoration professionals.


mooreDr. Jonathan Moore and his students are broadly interested in the ecology and conservation of aquatic ecosystems. His lab aims to do work that informs the management and conservation of coastal ecosystems, to ultimately improve the sustainability of natural resources. By better understanding the consequences of different land use decisions, Dr. Moore and his students aim to better inform the ecological trade-offs of different management scenarios.



Dr. Scott Hinch and his students are committed to the study of salmonid ecology, behaviour and physiology, and to providing management systems with information needed for the conservation and sustainable use of fish resources.