Our Team

Caroline Melville

Managing Director

Dani Ramos-Espinoza

Senior Science Manager

LJ Wilson

Senior Operations Manager

Katrina Cook
Ph.D. | R.P.Bio.

Senior Biologist and Analyst

Annika Putt
M.R.M. | R.P.Bio.

Project Biologist and Analyst

Cole Martin
Assoc. Tech.

Project Coordinator and Fabricator

Mike Chung
B.Sc. | R.P.Bio.

Project Coordinator and Biologist

Jennifer Buchanan
B.Sc. | R.P.Bio.

Project Biologist

Allison Hebert

Project Biologist

Peter Moniz
M.Sc. | R.P.Bio.

Project Biologist

Angela Ratzburg
B.Sc. | R.P.Bio.

Project Biologist

Emiko Nicol

Accounts Manager

Health and Safety

InStream Fisheries is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for staff, members of the public, and our affiliates. All staff are provided with necessary training and equipment to uphold the highest standards of safety when performing project tasks. InStream Fisheries is a SAFE (Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise) certified company through the BC Forest Safety Council. We have also obtained WorkSafeBC’s Certificate of Recognition (COR), a voluntary program that recognizes companies committed to providing health and safety management systems that go beyond legal requirements.

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