Modelling and Analysis

Our experienced team of analysts specializes in applying innovative solutions to complex fisheries problems.

We explore cutting edge statistical techniques to describe the effects of physical and biological changes on fish abundance and distribution and we strive to provide realistic and informative measures of uncertainty. We develop population-level models that can be used to evaluate prospective monitoring programs or management scenarios, and we routinely collaborate with outside experts, government agencies, and university researchers to ensure our analyses are comprehensive and informative for conservation and management.

We use R Project Software to create progressive analyses and models. We develop in-house R packages that ensure our analyses are efficient and repeatable. We developed the R package PITR, to clean and summarize large volumes of Oregon RFID PIT antenna data. PITR makes PIT data compilation almost instantaneous, making it easier for researchers to quickly evaluate monitoring programs and perform in-season modifications that improve detection efficiency. PITR is freely available on the developer platform GitHub. We are currently testing a package to summarize and visually display in-season resistivity counter data that will be used to ensure counters continuously operate as efficiently as possible.

Research + Development

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