We use cutting-edge telemetry technologies to understand how and why fish move.


We use acoustic telemetry (e.g., Innovasea/VEMCO) to study fish movement in a variety of habitats including lakes and reservoirs, estuaries, and rivers. Our fabrication team designs secure and adaptable anchoring systems for all telemetry applications and we thoroughly test receivers to ensure maximum monitoring coverage. We use acoustic telemetry to study a broad range of salmonids, from juveniles to adults, and our biologists are highly experienced at surgically implanting tags.

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Passive Integrated Transponders (PIT)

We are industry leaders in the operation of large-scale PIT antennas (Oregon RFID) in streams, rivers, hydroelectric infrastructure, and both natural and man-made off-channel rearing habitat. Our team of fabricators can design custom antennas for diverse applications including large pass-over antennas that lie on river bottoms, tube-style antennas within dams, and both pass-over and pass-through antennas in fishways. We use cutting edge technology and systematic testing to reduce electrical interference and ensure maximum detection coverage for each unique antenna. We have extensive experience operating antennas in challenging and remote environments, including the use of custom solar power systems at some of our remote sites. We closely collaborate with Oregon RFID to ensure our antennas offer industry-leading detection capabilities.

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Our team has over 100 years of combined experience using radio telemetry to track both migratory and resident fish in rivers, reservoirs, and estuaries. We combine mobile and fixed tracking (e.g., Lotek Wireless, Sigma Eight Inc.) to understand when and why fish move through their environment. Our biologists are highly proficient performing radio tag surgeries on juvenile and adult salmonids, and use cutting edge independent power systems to operate our fixed stations in remote locations throughout British Columbia.

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