Bridge River Water Use Plan Monitoring

Project Details


St’at’imc Eco Resources, Splitrock Environmental, Limnotek Research and Development


BC Hydro

Time Frame

2012 - Present


Bridge River Region, Lillooet BC

Key Services

Fish population assessment, telemetry, resistivity counter

Project Overview

Since 2012, we have monitored fish populations within the Bridge River Region, near Lillooet, BC. The monitoring program, part of the BC Hydro Water Use Planning (WUP) process, is a highly collaborative initiative involving BC Hydro, government agencies, local first nations consultants, and outside consultants and experts. As a subcontractor of St’at’imc Eco Resources and Splitrock Environmental, we are involved in multiple aspects of the WUP monitoring program:

  • Operating a paired sonar and resistivity counter on the Bridge River to enumerate salmon and steelhead trout
  • Tracking salmon throughout the Bridge, Fraser, and Seton Rivers using fixed and mobile radio telemetry
  • Enumerating juvenile sockeye salmon in the Seton River using inclined plane and rotary screw traps combined with PIT and radio telemetry
  • Operating a resistivity counter and PIT antennas in the Seton Dam
    Assisting Limnotek Research and Development in reservoir productivity sampling on Seton Lake, Anderson Lake, and Carpenter Reservoir
  • Bull Trout population monitoring on Carpenter Reservoir, including mark-recapture sampling and acoustic telemetry
  • Monitoring of resident fish populations in the Seton River through mark-recapture electrofishing surveys , snorkel surveys, PIT telemetry, and seasonal growth sampling

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