Halfway River Bull Trout

Project Details


Canadian Helicopters


BC Hydro

Time Frame

2016 - Present


Halfway River, British Columbia

Key Services

Fish population assessment, telemetry, resistivity counter, modelling and analysis

Project Overview

We monitor Bull Trout in the Peace Region of British Columbia to evaluate the effects of the Site C Dam on Bull Trout that migrate past the dam site and spawn in tributaries of the Halfway River. We estimate the abundance of Bull Trout redds in Halfway River tributaries using a novel method that combines visual data from helicopter-based aerial surveys with data from detailed ground surveys.

We also use resistivity counters and custom PIT arrays to count adult spawners in two major tributaries of the Halfway River. Our fabrication team designs custom housings and independent power systems to continuously operate the equipment throughout the Bull Trout spawning period.

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